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Activity Center Policy

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304 West Third, Pittsburg, KS 66762



A. Normal use of the facilities is to provide for the programs and activities of St. John.
B. The facilities will provide a place where active St. John members may hold events.
C. The facilities may be used by non-profit organizations for non-profit events.
D. The facilities may also be used by non-members for non-profit events.


A. St. John sponsored events will have priority over non-church events.
B. All non-church events will be prior approved by the Church Council.
C. All Church, active members and non-church events will be scheduled with the Church office secretary a minimum of two calendar weeks before the event date.
D. All responsible parties will complete an application form which will include the date, time, reason, number of people, and person or persons responsible for the activity.
E. Use of the kitchen must be approved at the time of event scheduling.
F. All fees for the use of the facilities are due at time of scheduling.
G. A checklist of rules will be provided to those using the facility. The Property Committee will keep this list up to date.
H. Keys will be checked out from the secretary during office hours before the event and checked back in to the secretary during office hours after the event.
I. No Church property can be removed from the Church premises. EXCEPTION: Active Church members can borrow kitchen pots, pans, utensils for Church related functions. All items borrowed must be checked in and out with the Church secretary.
J. Possession or uses of alcohol, illegal drugs, fireworks, firearms, or tobacco products are not permitted.
K. All groups will confine their activities to the area specified for their meeting place.
L. All groups are directed to maintain behavior that will not damage Church property.
M. At conclusion of use, the facilities will be returned to the condition they were in before use. This includes returning tables, chairs, and all other equipment to their places. It also includes cleanup of kitchen (if used) and of spills and debris, along with the removal of trash to outside bins.
N. Person or persons who are recorded as responsible for the activity will accept responsibility for the condition of the facilities at the conclusion of the event. They will also accept responsibility for any and all damages to the facilities and will assume liability for any injury to any person while they are using the facilities.
O. Questionable situations will be referred to the Church Council with consultation from Property Committee.
P. St. John Lutheran Church reserves the right to deny use of the facility or any part thereof to any individual or groups.


A. Fees will not be charged for St. John Lutheran Church sponsored events.
B. Members using the facility for non profit use:
Activity Center. No charge. Any donation given for the use of the facility is appreciated.
Deposit $25.00 (see E below)
Kitchen $25.00 (see F below)
C. Members using the facility for personal profit:
Activity Center $25.00
Deposit $25.00 (see E below)
Kitchen $25.00 (see F below)
D. Members using the facility as employees of a business or other organization, and all others using the facility will pay the standard fee:
Activity Center $50.00
Deposit $50.00 (see E below)
Kitchen $50.00 (see F below)
E. Deposit will be refunded when the key is returned and clean up is approved by a representative of the Property Committee. Clean-up includes sweep, mop up of all spills, clean all tables and counters etc., in the activity center, entry area, restrooms, and kitchen. In addition, for all non-church events, all consumable items used, such as coffee, ice, plastic ware, paper plates, napkins, etc., must either be replaced or compensated for.
F. Use of the kitchen includes use of stove, oven, or dishwasher, etc. There is no charge if one is only using the tap, coffee maker, refrigerator, or freezer.

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